Our Emotional Health & Wellbeing Training

We offer emotional health and wellbeing trainings, workshops and events that increases awareness, improves individual health, and enhances organisational productivity and healthcare service delivery capabilities.
Our Training

Our Training

We design, promote, deliver and improve a wide range of emotional health and wellbeing training opportunities that increases individual capabilities and organisational productivity. Our local and international seminars/workshops and public speaking events are designed to provide awareness, increase knowledge, and provide problem solving and networking opportunities and/or certification.

We aim to:

  • Provide responsive and flexible training to meet individual and business needs
  • Provide a wide variety of high quality learning and empowerment opportunities
  • Provide professional industrial experienced staff
  • Ensure our training solutions meet the needs of individual and organisations and have positive impact

Our staff and management have industrial qualification and experience in their specialist sector and feedback confirms that we listen, understand specific needs and the results the business expects to achieve. 

Training Areas

Our training program covers:
- Mental and physical Awareness
- Realising own abilities
- Personality and Mindset Awareness
- Emotional Intelligence Awareness
- Stress management
- Building Resilience
- Relationship management
- Goal setting and confidence building
- Organisation health and productivity
- Team building and bonding
- Drug & Alcohol Misuse Awareness
- Social inclusion and safety awareness

Open Training

Our open public training courses provides on-going awareness on public health and wellbeing concerns while providing practical coping skills to individuals through supported workshops, seminars, conferences and coaching for individuals and businesses to:
- Ensure the maintenance of high levels of emotional health/wellbeing and productivity.
- Increase the ability of individuals and team to cope with changes and challenges
- Help in planning individual and team development and to make the best use of resources

Bespoke Training

Our bespoke training is focused on the need of specific of individuals and businesses. We listen, learn, analyse and work with organizations to determine training needs at individual, team and organisational level through robust training need analyses process to ensure we deliver the desired learning outcomes for clients and learners.

They are delivered at clients premises or designated venues, we offer on-going support to learner even after they are back to the workplace or business delivering positive results which benefit themselves and the organisations they work for.