Action Learning

We offer practical, group-coaching that resolves businesses, leaders and management complex challenges and enable individuals and organisations to thrive.

The programme brings thinking and action into harmony and provides a a continuous learning process that is best achieved with an open, probing mind, an ability to listen, question and explore ideas.

Benefits includes:
  • Acquiring long lasting problem solving skills
  • Promoting leadership skills
  • Being challenged by the team
  • Learning best practice
  • Evolving fresh ideas
  • Forming effective plans for immediate implementation
  • Increased effectiveness and profitability of your business
  • Improved problem solving and leadership capacity
  • Greater adaptability and resilience
  • Individual and organisational learning from implementing new strategies or culture change
  • Helps introduce or expand your approach to coaching
  • Supports skills development and behaviour change

Virtual Action Learning

We run programmes over the phone or via virtual conference facilities. It’s a cost-effective, practical and time-conscious approach to bring together geographically dispersed people. 

This approach can help multi-site project teams to collectively address challenges and effectively find solutions.  It also provides support, knowledge sharing and networking for colleagues in the field who otherwise would not meet.

Peer Action Learning

Provides CEOs, business owners and senior leaders with the unrivalled support and confidential space to resolve issues.

By spending valuable time with peers in this way, leaders can:
- Work on the challenges they face
- Discuss these challenges and discover solutions
- Develop their businesses and organisations
- Reduce the isolation and loneliness of being at the top
- Focus on their career
- Learn from others in similar situations

Bespoke In-House Facilitation

We will partner with you to create and facilitate a bespoke Action Learning (AL) programme that’s right for you and your organisation. 

What you’ll get out of the programme:
- Develop your leaders and embed the learning within your leadership and management programmes
- Develop the skills and behaviours of high-performing teams
- Support the successful implementation of a new project or strategy.