About Us

Microrank Group is an emotional health and life coaching and training firm based in the United Kingdom. 

We enable individuals, groups, communities and businesses feel, think, act and reflect rationally to create positive impact in personal, professional, and business lives.

We support professionals to discover self, gain clarity of purpose, change mindset, set achievable goals, fulfil personal and professional life potentials, and stay focused.

We are committed to motivating individuals and groups overcome personal and work challenges, improving workplace emotional wellbeing, and contributing to promoting the public health agenda.

We're open to business and partnership opportunities with reputable local and international businesses, organisations and government agencies towards transforming the life of individuals to achieve overall emotional health and wellbeing.


We do great work with great people


Our Approach

We work with individuals, organisations (Colleges, universities, businesses) of all sizes, and government agencies to promote public health, enhance individuals health and wellbeing, improve organisational productivity and profitability, and improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

Our Leadership

Our leadership and team are very educated and experienced in relevant specialist areas.

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